Sunday, January 30, 2005

Valeria' s Input: Personal Viewpoint

This is my (general) answer to the email my friend valeria sent me after notifying her for the blog.
As well, it is my viewpoint on the use of blogging as a way of presenting a disseration, and as a way of presenting an account, a virtual ethnography, whatever, of & about a social movement.

1. the purpose of the blog is to be PERSONAL. That is, to present my views, accounts and mostly narratives, of a social movement of which I acknowledge and share the goals. Which I would like to publicise, as much as is possible.

2.It is a personal blog of the PROCESS of making a disseration on something I don't know a lot: internet research methods. These are just the first (let's say first entries) steps, like declaring my goals. It is designed to document the process, as a day by day procedure of reading, researching online and offline, and writing, at the end, producing (in a marxian sense), creating the final account of a written dissertation. Usually, every output of research is considered as a one-off, print-out production of the intellect of a person (or a group), and especially the dissertations of any kind are almost doomed to be lost in big libraries or in bleak secretarial offices. So, the purpose of the blog, apart from documenting the process, is to PUBLICISE it to the WWW, so as to be (possibly) available on a search or as a link, to provide online resources for every interested person.

3. The blog also aims at QUESTIONING in the everyday blog-delivery of thoughts the research methods and course of a dissertation, to provide the 'beyond' part acclaimed: criticisms, thoughts and ideas that might stem up when writing a disseration. So as to PRODUCE NEW THEORY on research methods online, on virtual ethnography, etc. If possible.

4. The blog definitely shares the explicit purpose to AGITATE, EDUCATE, ORGANIZE' (a very good slogan of the Black Panther's Party). So are the many links.
Agitate: through knowledge of the biopolitical hegemonic manipulations of the corporate multinationals of biotech.
Educate: providing educational resources for general and special themes, through links, pictures and stuff (???3 part list)
Organize: contributing online, as far as possible, to the social antagonism and struggle of this social movement, mobilising people, if possible, through a 'space of flows'and signs, in the easy-to-use form of a blog.

I had some inspiration tody. And I advertised wikipedia enough.

antigmo meeting in creta
This nice poster says in greek:


Saturday, January 29, 2005

ethics in research: my standpoint

A lot of talk and (paid) written space (i.e. articles) is devoted nowadays to the ethics of social research.

It's a prominent discourse of anglo-saxon academia, along with the imminent worry about the management of the outcomes of research (ha ha ha).

I have to state here, in the initial postings, that:


My approach and my subject do not need to be anonymized, in fact I would wish they would be more widespread.
I am dealing with an antagonistic social movement, which needs publication and spreading, preaching maybe...
My subject is the mapping and analysis of a social movement, like an ethnography.
In fact a web ethnography. It could be probably something like a social history of the greek antigm movement.
So, I will be providing many links and documents, web sites and pictures, not changing anything, aware that it is a matter of social actors who are not to be anonymized.
Unless, of course, they wish/ask to be so.
As I actively took (and take) part in this movement, thus sustain its goals, morale and world view (though the latter is hard to determine)

I have never wanted to be.

I always want to be.
My epistemology is definitely relativistic and "anything goes" (Feyerabend, 1968). But that's another discussion.

So, apart from the global biotech indymedia link, take a greek one.
It is the biggest actor. A world-wide reformist ecological movement. (Who is it?)

Friday, January 28, 2005

First Entry: Initial Idea

well, today I was in the library reading from Christine Hine's book Virtual Ethnography (2000, Sage), and looking at the references, where i spotted the suggestion that the use of hypermedia texts can help largely for the presentation and delivery of a web-based ethnographic study. So, I thought: why not?
The continuing online presentation of the research of this dissertation could be sth needing lots of courage, as I will have to spend many hours in front of the PC. But don't I do it anyway?
tomorrow, I might comment on the use of my method.