Thursday, February 03, 2005

Wit, Exile, Silence and stuff (4-part list?)

I give a quote that determines my thought:

"The starting point of critical elaboration is the consciousness of what one really is, and 'Knowing thyself' as a product of the historical processes to date which has deposited in you an infinity of traces, without leaving an inventory".
Antonio Gramsci, Selection of the Prison Notebooks.

This quote lies above my bed in my room here in lufbra.
It is evident of the idea of the historical construction of identity and personality, that the historical circumstances shape us more than we can and care to understand.

another one, this time from James Joyce:

"I won't obey something in which I don't believe any more,whether it is called my home, my country or the church. I will try to express myself in whatever way of life or art I can, in the most free and complete way, using as my defence the only weapons I allow myself: Silence, Exile and Wit."
James Joyce, Portrait of the Artist at a Young Age.

Unfortunately, the lousy transaltion is all mine, from Greek, as I didn't receive the copy of the book yet. I just read this as an extract and it impressed me.
So, I dedicate it to the unaccountable, uninspired persons who, with the institutional power to mark essays can influence the future of students on the sole reason of diverting from the accepted anglo-saxon views for social science, in fact their views on social science. Who can determine which issues are noteworthy and acceptable only on behalf of their power and lousy organization.
Wit, exile and Silence. I would add the irony also.
cheers, then.


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